Wash & Fold is just like going to the Laundromat, except we do all the work for you!

Free Delivery Services for Wash & Fold!

How it Works

For your first pick-up, we ask that you to put your name and phone number on a piece of paper inside a bag with your items to be cleaned in the location indicated on the sign up form. We will put your bag of clothes in our medium sized bag and measure it. We will charge all customers by our medium size bag for the first pick-up unless the amount of clothes requires us to charge using the large bag size (customers will be notified when this happen). On your delivery day, we will return your cleaned items along with two medium sized company bags labeled with your information to use for consequent pick-ups.

We will sort your clothes and separate colors from whites. After separating, we then will wash and dry your clothes in separate machines according to the preferences for each customer.

All clothes are cleaned in cold water to reduce shrinking, fading and bleeding. We use Tide Original detergent for all customers and do not bleach any clothes. If you have any detergent, bleach and Fabric softener preferences please let us know during sign-up. All clothes will be dried on low temperature. Cleaned socks are matched and returned wrapped up nicely with your other clothes, delivered with your next service (VIP) bag.

Wash & Fold is a bulk service; if an item needs special attention (such as wool clothes, stain, repair or pressing) please send it in for dry cleaning.

Comforters, pillows or blankets will be charged by the item - not by pounds. Their price is listed on the Services & Price List page.

Please try not to mix wet and dry clothes in one bag in order to protect color bleeding. Make sure you have checked that all pockets are empty and that socks are paired when you send your clothes to us.

Service Pricing

Below are prices for Wash & Fold bag sizes, upgrades, and preferences:

  • Bag Sizes:
    • Medium Size Bag:24.99
    • Large Size Bag:49.99
  • Detergent:
    • Tide Original:0.00
    • all free clear:2.00 (Medium), 3.00 (Large)
    • Downy Ultra:2.00 (Medium), 3.00 (Large)
    • Tide +:3.00 (Medium), 5.00 (Large)
    • Persil ProClean:3.00 (Medium), 5.00 (Large)
  • Bleach:
    • No Bleach:0.00
    • Clorox 2:2.50 (Medium), 4.00 (Large)
    • OxiClean:3.00 (Medium), 5.00 (Large)
  • Fabric Softener:
    • No Fabric Softener:0.00
    • Bounce:2.50 (Medium), 4.00 (Large)
    • Bounce Scent Free:2.50 (Medium), 4.00 (Large)